Matt Jarvis, University of Oxford / University of the Western Cape

Russ Taylor, University of Cape Town / IDIA

Science working groups

MIGHTEE Continuum (chairs: Catherine Hale & Imogen Whittam)

MIGHTEE Atomic Hydrogen Emission (chairs: Natasha Maddox & Anastasia Ponomareva) 

MIGHTEE Atomic Hydrogen Absorption (chairs: TBC) 

MIGHTEE Polarisation (chairs: Anna Scaife & Russ Taylor) 

Intensity Mapping (chair: Mario Santos)

Technical working groups

MIGHTEE Data Team (chairs: Russ Taylor, Brad Frank & Ian Heywood) 

Cross-identification team (chair: Matt Prescott)

Multi-wavelength team (chairs: Matt Jarvis & Mattia Vaccari)

VLBI Coordination (chairs: Ivan Agudo & Roger Deane)

Sub-threshold Science (chairs: Mario Santos & Jeroen Stil)

Members of the team at the MIGHTEE collaboration meeting in Bristol, September 2023.

If you are interested in joining MIGHTEE, please contact the relevant working group chair.