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Optical image of the galaxy group with 3-colour optical images of each member galaxy using data from the Hyper-Suprime Camera on the Subaru telescope. The red outline indicates the extent of the neutral hydrogen gas around each galaxy. The central image, also showing the many thousands of background galaxies, is one degree on each side, large enough to fit four full moons. (Credit: Shilpa Ranchod/MIGHTEE/HSC project)

MeerKAT discovers large gas-rich galaxy group hiding in plain sight.

Wednesday, 6 July 2021

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Research paper: Ranchod et al. (2021).

The two giant radio galaxies found with the MeerKAT telescope. In the background is the sky as seen in optical light. Overlaid in red is the radio light from the enormous radio galaxies, as seen by MeerKAT. Left: MGTC J095959.63+024608.6. Right: MGTC J100016.84+015133.0. (Credit: I. Heywood/J. Delhaize/MIGHTEE)

Gigantic galaxies discovered with the MeerKAT telescope

Monday, 18 January 2021

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Research paper: Delhaize et al. (2021).